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Frequent Question
Most Popular Questions Asked About Our Inkjet Decal Water-Slide Papers

  1. Can the decals printed on this paper be fired after application?

    NO. The inks used in all printer cartridges are not ceramic or glass inks and therefore, they cannot withstand the high temperatures used in such firings. If you wish to semi permanently set your decal into any ceramic piece, you may bake the piece in your home oven at 200-300 F for twenty minutes.

  2. Are the decals printed on this paper permanent when applied to a surface?

    NO. They will come off if you expose them to water. They are however permanent for экскурсии по Москве на теплоходе decoration purposes on hanging tiles, collector plates, wooden furniture, etc. Anything that you decorate and do not wash, heat or microwave should be long lasting.

  3. What is the difference between "White Ink Jet paper" and "Clear Ink Jet paper"?

    White ink let paper is used when you are going to apply your decal to a dark surface, for example, a black ceramic tile. The "white" paper gives your decal the added opacity it needs to brighten the colors in the decal when applied to the dark surface. Clear ink jet paper is used when you are going to apply your decal to a light surface, for example, a white collector plate. The "clear" paper allows you to apply your printed decal to any light surface that does not require added opacity for brightness.

  4. Do you ship out samples of these papers?

    No. Sorry, we do not ship out samples of any of our papers. We offer a minimum order of 25 sheets (of either paper) in our 25-sheet-pack that can be ordered on line through our secured web site.

  5. Is our web site secured to protect all information submitted on line?

    YES. Your order is processed on our secure server. You can be rest assured that your credit card and all other information is safe.

  6. How long will it take to receive the order?

    All orders are shipped the SAME DAY your order is placed. For domestic orders allow 3-5 working days. For international orders, please allow 5-7 working days. You can always contact our office for a shipping update once your request has been processed and your card has been approved.

  7. How should the blank ink jet water-slide papers be stored?

    Keep them in a cool dry place avoiding any exposure to moisture. The papers will stick together and become damaged if they are exposed to water or moisture.

  8. Why do you sell your inkjet decal papers 8 ½" x 11" or larger sizes and not smaller sheets like other decal paper sellers?

    Because our decal papers gives you much more sheet area for your money. If you do not want to print over the entire sheet 8 ½ " x 11", you can cut the sheet to your specifications and keep the rest for later use. It is important to note that our prices are lower, our quality is higher and our service is much better than any of our competitors. We believe in giving our customers their money's worth.

  9. Where can I buy your "INKJET DECAL PAPER" or "LASER DECAL PAPER"?

    We ship our inkjet decal paper directly to customers all over the US and the worldwide. You do not have to worry about availability. You purchase directly from the source! We make sure that we ship the same day that we receive your order and in a couple of days.

  10. The ink is running from the decal paper when I placed the decal in water?

    Two things could be wrong:

    1. The setting in your printer is too high delivering too much ink to decal the paper. Set the printer setting (properties) to normal printing - plain paper. You can also test with "econo-fast" - plain paper since some people obtain best results with this setting.
    2. You have not sprayed the decal paper sheet enough. Remember: "less is more". Several thin layers of the Krylon varnish decal spray are better than one thick one. It is very important to spray until the decal paper has an even shine across the entire sheet, let it dry between layers and apply again no more than two or three times.

  11. Can I mix decal papers and printers?

    No, InkJet decal papers were designed to accept "wet" inks, and laser decal papers accept "dry" inks only. They have special treatments for their specific tasks.

  12. Once I print the black on the decal runs too much. Why?

    Because the color black is "thinner" in comparison to the rest of the other colors that are thicker and therefore stay better. That is why we recommend that you print with lower resolution in your printer. The less ink (specially black) that the printer delivers to the paper, the best your results will obtain.

  13. Can decal Paper adhere well over any surface?

    Yes, our decal paper with its high adherence quality makes it ideal to apply to surfaces where other papers fail. You can apply decals over candles, soap, plastic, metals, computer parts, wood, glass, ceramics, laminated papers, etc.

  14. Why do I have to coat the InkJetdecal paper and not the Laser paper?

    Because the InkJet printers delivers the ink on top of the paper. Our treatment allows the ink to adhere to the sheet without "beading" but you must "seal" this ink to create a decal with several layers of Krylon varnish. The Laser decal papers, allows the laser printer to write with the laser heat on the surface of the paper making it available for immediate use.

  15. Can I purchase larger sizes of this inkjet decal paper?

    Yes you can. You can contact us at (954) 558-6430 and we will give you the information you need.

  16. Can I use the decals to make T-Shirts?

    No. This printing method is not designed for that use.

  17. Can I apply decals on my skin, similar to temporary tattoos?

    No. The inks on your printer should not go directly on your skin. We are developing a new decal paper that will allow the inks to be deposited between two layers of natural adhesives so the inks will not touch your skin.

  18. Should I seal the decal once applied?

    Yes, you can give your decal -after application and thoroughly letting it dry on the decorated object- several layers of varnish. However, we do not recommend that you apply any varnish over candles. Candles should be left without this step because wax will not accept the varnish and will create air pockets.

  19. Can I place the decals on bright sunlight?

    Yes, but keep in mind that decals that your print in your printer are not designed to withstand the elements and they will fade with time and harsh conditions, no matter how well you protect them. It is not the decal itself but rather the inks on your printer that are not designed for this purpose


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