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Laser Decal Paper Instruction
Printing Instructions For Alps Printers, Laser Printers, Color Copiers


Create your own decals with this high quality, inexpensive water-slide decal paper for laser printers. This paper can be used with most laser printers, ALPS printers and color copiers. It is recommended to test a couple of sheets with your printer or copier to ensure compatibility prior to producing multiple copies.

The main use of this paper is for creating transfers decals for various uses such as: model trains, planes, cars, soap, candles, wood, furniture, plaques, plastic objects, computer frames, cardboard, ceramic, glass, enamel, metal plus other surfaces.

Copy any pre-printed design or create your own artwork with ink and paper or a computer drawing onto the blank, water-slide decal paper using an office copier, laser printer or ALPS printer.

How to print:

  1. Begin by printing your image(s) from your computer onto your laser printer, color copier or ALPS printer with the use of our blank laser printer.

  2. Print on the glossy side of the blank paper. If you have purchased soap paper or candle decal paper, your paper will have a plastic film to protect the sheets. Remove this film before placing it into the printer. Note: You should feed your printer one sheet at a time to avoid jamming the printer since this paper is thicker than regular paper. If you take it to a copy center, instruct the operator to feed the copier one by one the sheets to the copy machine.

  3. Allow the ink to dry and set into the paper for at least five minutes and it should be ready for application.

  4. Cut out the image(s) as close as possible to the actual design and place them in lukewarm water for approximately 30 seconds. Hold the decal carefully to avoid tearing. You will begin to feel the printed image start to slide off the white backing paper. This means it is ready to apply onto your surface to decorate.

  5. Gently slide the decal into place. Use a clean damp cloth or paper towel to wipe off excess water and remove any air bubbles that may appear. Allow setting time of about 3 hours. Your decorated object is ready! Note: You can speed up drying time by placing your decorated object under/near a fan.

  6. If you wish to protect your decorated item from surface scratches, moisture, or fading then spray your dried decorated surface with an acrylic varnish such as Krylon Crystal Clear finishing spray. This is also available for sale on our website.

For blue paper users:

You can use clear decal paper for most lettering. However, most printers or copiers do NOT print white except for the ALPS 5000 printer. If you are using ALPS and printing white with this printer then we suggest our blue decal laser paper (with clear coat) so that the white print will be easier to see on the blue background than on the white. The ALPS MD-5000 printer is compatible with our blank water-slide decal paper. It utilizes dry ink to print single colors or multiple combinations of white, gold, silver and many other colors. However, if you do not have an ALPS printer, you can use our "white" paper that may be used for all artworks that have a white color background. For printing and application please follow the same steps as above.

For white lettering / white artwork / white paper users:

In order to print the color "white" successfully you will either require an ALPS printer that has the ability to print opaque white, or our high performance WHITE DECAL PAPER. If you do not have an ALPS printer, do not worry; this alternative product is perfect for you. Now you can use our white decal paper and get the same excellent results for all of your artworks that include the color white.


You can choose any of the following softwares for your custom decal creations: Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Freehand, Deneba Canvas, or CorelDRAW. There are some simpler drawing programs that pack fewer widgets at a lower cost. Some of these come pre-installed in Apple iMacs and many other consumer-oriented PCs.

We would love to see all of your wonderful creations. You can email your finished decorated items to us and we will try to post them on our website. Please include your name, city, and state.

Thank you for purchasing our paper products. We sincerely hope that you will have many hours of fun and enjoyment.


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