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Rub - On Decal Instructions 


When you order our rub-on paper you'll get 2 different type of sheets:

1. Carrier Sheet or Film ( where you print the design )
2. Adhesive Sticker Paper

Step#1: Design your decals using any graphic software program.

Step #2: Set your printer as follows:
Resolution = Best
- Paper = Photo Gloss

(Print your rub-ons on the matte finish side of the film.)

Step#3: Print your rub-on decals and make sure to remove any wet ink slowly with a tissue paper.

Step#4: Cut the adhesive paper a little larger than the image and remove one side of the paper.

Step#5: Stick the sticky part of the adhesive paper to the decal from one corner to the other avoiding air holes.

Step#6: Cut out the decal as close to the image as posible and carefully remove the adhesive paper from the decal.

Step#7: Apply to dry and clean surface, facing the image down and avoiding air holes.

Step#8: Rub the decal on the surface strongly with a coin, finger or stick, etc.

Step#9: Peel off the paper from one corner and you are done!.

This is much easier than it might sound. Just follow through the steps once and you will get the hang of it. You'll see! HAVE FUN!

How to Remove

1. Dip in water for 10-20 minutes and then peel it with your nail.

2. If you don't have water, make it hot using a hair dryer. Then the rub-on will come off easily with your nail.

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