Temporary Tattoo Instruction

Decal Paper

General Information:

The special water slide temporary tattoo paper sheets are specially made for use in laser and/or inkjet printers.

It is recommended that your try your designs on plain paper first before using the water slide removable tattoo paper. Doing this is an insurance that your design is to your satisfaction before you try on the water slide temporary tattoo paper.

This water slide temporary tattoo paper should be fed into your printer one sheet at a time. It should be fed alone. No other paper should be present on your printer.

To Insure Quality and Safety:

  1. Do not store your water slide skin tattoo paper in humid or hot places.
  2. This water slide temporary skin tattoo paper should be kept in the plastic bag it is shipped in. Store it on a flat surface.
  3. Never feed bended, damaged, folded or curled sheets to your printer.
  4. You should choose attractive designs.

How to Print:

Set your printer on:

  • Plain Paper
  • Normal Quality
  • Portrait Mode

NOTE: If you need to print mirror image tattoos, use any computer design program available. (ie flags, numbers, names, banners etc).

To print your designs, follow the instructions for regular printing, Remember to use this water slide skin tattoos paper with inkjet or laser printers only.

Make sure that you allow the printed sheets of removable skin tattoo paper to dry completely before you touch them.


Wait until ink is fully dry (about 2 to 3 minutes) before you touch the special water slide temporary tattoo paper.

Remove the first side of the adhesive sheet and apply it to the printed side of the tattoo set. Be careful to remove all air bubbles.

Use your scissors to cut around each tattoo design, keeping as close as possible to the tattoo.

When choosing a place to apply your skin tattoo, you should choose one that is free of body hair.

Wash the elected area and dry thoroughly. Skin should be dry when the temporary tattoo is applied.

Make sure your hands are dry before removing the second side of the adhesive backing. Apply the tattoo to your skin and press firmly for 20 seconds.

Wet the release liner with a slightly wet sponge for 60 seconds. When the paper is thoroughly wet (you will be able to see the tattoo image through the water slide decal paper), remove the release liner to reveal the temporary tattoo.


To remove the temporary skin tattoo, with your nail, lift one corner off the skin, and remove as if you are removing a bandage.

Temporary skin tattoos may not be suitable for highly sensitive skin types.

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